‘Honor Society’ – How Angourie Rice identified with overachiever character

Why Angourie Rice loved filming in Vancouver

Angourie Rice of ‘Honor Society’ on Paramount+

Q: In creating your character in “Honor Society,” did you have to tap back into your inner teen from a few years ago?

A: Yeah, I mean what’s funny is that in school, I was a very, very driven student, and even though school has ended (laughs), I still put so much pressure on myself to do well at things even if I don’t have the time or the headspace or the resources. I still put so much pressure on myself to just do everything and I feel like it’s still a lesson that I’m learning, that you can’t do everything, that there are some things that are more important than planning out every single possibility. That’s something that I’m still learning, and I think “Honor” definitely taught me a lot about that because she goes on that journey of learning. You know, there are some invaluable things in life that you just can’t plan for, that you can’t win, I guess.

Q: How did you like filming in British Columbia?

A: We filmed in Vancouver, which was gorgeous. It was cold (laughs) but I arrived just few days before my birthday and it was snowing on my birthday because my birthday’s in January and usually that’s in summer in Australia. I had a snowy birthday and it was one of the only winter birthdays that I’ve had and it was so special and I loved it. Vancouver is a beautiful city.

Q: Do you ski or do any winter sports?

A: I learned to ski a long time ago. I didn’t ski while filming but my sister was actually with me throughout the whole of production and she went skiing and she loved it. So that was really cool to like I went to work and she went out skiing and then we’d join up at the end of the day and talk about our days.

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