‘Hope Calls’ for Wendy Crewson in ‘When Calls the Heart’ spinoff

Veteran Canadian actress is among stars of Hallmark Movies Now streaming series

Wendy Crewson of ‘When Hope Calls’ premiering Friday on Hallmark Movies Now

Q: As the spinoff “When Hope Calls” makes its debut as a streaming series, did you have a knowledge of “When Calls the Heart” when you signed up for the new spinoff?

A: I sure did. It plays on CBC Television up here (in Canada), so I certainly had seen some of it and knew the premise. What I loved about it was that it was a period piece, which for an actor is like catnip. The idea of getting to dress in wonderful period costumes has always been a big draw for me, so I was just thrilled when this came along.

Q: How would you describe your “When Hope Calls” character?

A: Tess Stewart is very independent and very strong. She’s a widow and she runs a ranch, so there’s no time for the frailties and vanities of being a woman on the frontier. She’s definitely a woman in a man’s world who has had to negotiate and survive, and also raise a son. Unlike a lot of women of the time, she is ambitious and she is fearless, and really able to stand as an individual.

Q: You’ve long been a star in your native Canada, and you’ve also had such worldwide movie hits as “Air Force One” and “The Santa Clause.” How do you assess your career?

A: To even have a couple of those things that would be internationally recognized is such a blessing. Both of those movies afforded me the opportunity to do so many smaller, interesting roles in other things. Having tentpoles like those gives you the flow into other stuff, and you get to practice your craft in different ways.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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Richard Belfield
Richard Belfield
Aug 30, 2019 8:14 pm

Been looking all over the Hallmark channel for when Hope calls tonight and cannot locate it

Joyce Kettler
Joyce Kettler
Aug 30, 2019 8:19 pm

where in the sam hill can you watch this? I’m subscribed to Hallmark…why isn’t it on tv?

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