‘Hightown’ – What Monica Raymund loves about her character

Monica Raymund – Going low in ‘Hightown’

Monica Raymund of ‘Hightown’ Sunday on Starz

Q: What is it like to play a character who in many ways is trying hard to avoid real emotion?

A: Actually, what we’re trying to do to create something interesting to watch is avoiding it. So what we want to do is we never want to show our hand, we always want a struggle. There’s this perpetual mobile happening all the time underneath the surface, of whatever the emotional circumstance is for a character.

I actually think that Ray Abruzzo (James Badge Dale) is a great … character as well alongside Jackie, because we both always have something going on. It’s so painful to deal with, whatever that may be, so it comes out sideways. So we do say something sarcastic, or we do go on a bender, or we do sleep with someone and not know where we are the next day. But that’s how these characters try to fill something inside of them. And we don’t know how to do it, so we just kind of go with the flow.

Q: Do you feel like we’re starting to see more lead roles for women in TV?

A: I feel like we’re finally beginning to see the door open on that, yeah. I mean it’s an interesting time for women in entertainment, isn’t it? And we’re beginning to have a conversation of what inclusivity looks like. I mean, we have a far way to go in terms of parity, but I think that we’re now seeing the stories that can unfold by including all bodies no matter what your body, right? So, if anything, now like our creative juices get to flow in ways that they haven’t really been accessed before for people who’ve been — for a lot of men who’ve been running entertainment. And so it’s fun to like give these other points of view as women, yeah.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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