Has Lauren Cohan said a final goodbye to ‘The Walking Dead’?

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Lauren Cohan

Q: With Lauren Cohan now on “Whiskey Cavalier,” does that mean she’s finished on “The Walking Dead”? – Jerry Gray, via e-mail

A: Not necessarily. Though her “Walking Dead” character Maggie has been written out of that show for now, AMC executives have expressed that they hope she’ll be back. That will depend largely on how her new series “Whiskey Cavalier” fares for ABC, since if that network orders episodes beyond the first season, it will limit Cohan’s availability for other jobs (especially if “Whiskey” continues to film in Europe). Otherwise, a return to “The Walking Dead” seems to be one of the options the actress could have.

Kevin Costner

Q: When does the new season of “Yellowstone” start, and on which channel? – Phyllis Cross, Delta, Colo.

A: Filming on the 10-episode Season 2 of the Kevin Costner-starring drama has been completed, and the show is planned to return to Paramount Network this summer. A specific premiere date hadn’t been given as of this writing.

Q: I have a question about “Wheel of Fortune.” Why does the audience clap when the players spin the wheel? What are they clapping for? – Oskar Schmid, via e-mail

A: We’d take it as a sign of enthusiastic encouragement for the player who’s doing the spinning … that he or she ultimately will be playing for a sizable amount of money, depending on where the spin ends up, and especially that the wheel’s needle won’t land on the “Bankrupt” sign.

Q: Now that it’s back, will “Last Man Standing” continue next season? – David Griffith, Edgewater, Fla.

A: Fox hadn’t confirmed its full lineup for next season yet when this column was written, but with the very powerful way the revival of Tim Allen’s sitcom has performed for the network since its return, it’s an extremely safe bet that it will remain on the Fox schedule. That’s even more the case since the network will be in a rebuilding mode in the aftermath of the deal that will see most of 20th Century Fox’s other assets newly owned by Disney, and the Fox network will want all the sure bets it can have.

However, it appears that “Last Man Standing” will have to move to a different night, since Fox intends to put its newly acquired “WWE SmackDown” on Fridays. Even during its ABC years, the Allen show had a traditional Friday home … but repeats of the earlier seasons have been successful in syndication all over the television schedule, so its relocation on Fox shouldn’t impede its “hit” status much, if at all.

Q: Will Keith Urban ever be a judge in a talent competition like “American Idol” again? – Casey Floyd, Santa Fe, N.M.

A: Never say never, but it seems the country superstar is content to stay focused on making his own music and continuing to tour in support of it, at least for the time being. The four seasons Urban spent on the original Fox version of “Idol” didn’t mark the first time he had served in such a capacity; before that, he had been a coach on the first season of Australia’s version of “The Voice.”

Q: After the recent Elvis Presley tribute special, someone told me that Mac Davis wrote “In the Ghetto” for him. Is that true? – Bill Hines, via e-mail

A: It is, and it’s not the only famous tune singer-songwriter Davis furnished for “The King.” In tandem with Billy Strange, he also wrote “Memories” (which Davis performed on that recent NBC show) and a number that’s had a renewed life of its own through its use in Las Vegas-themed projects, ”A Little Less Conversation.”

Q: Is “Strahan & Sara” broadcast live? – Amy Reese, Temple, Pa.

A: The early-afternoon ABC show actually tapes shortly after “Good Morning America” ends, then the episode airs later that day. Since he does both programs, that particularly has to be a help to co-host Michael Strahan’s schedule, though it makes for a long morning for him. This also explains why some people might see photos from the given day’s “Strahan & Sara” episode before that show is televised.

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