Harriet Dyer can see dead people in ‘The InBetween’

Australian actress comes to America in new NBC drama series

Harriet Dyer

Harriet Dyer didn’t expect to buy into her new role as much as she does now.

The Australian actress has her first major U.S. project by playing Cassie Bedford, who sees the future – and communicates with the dead – as the NBC drama “The InBetween” premieres Wednesday, May 29. The clairvoyant uses her gift to help her police-detective father (Paul Blackthorne, “Arrow”) and his new FBI-veteran partner (Justin Cornwell) with their cases.

“I’d always been a healthy skeptic when it came to ghosts and things like that,” the pleasant Dyer reflects, “so without judging this character, I didn’t fully believe what I was going into. But then, I had the most amazing experience, actually at an NBC event. A woman who works there told me that she was a medium, and that she really enjoyed my performance (in the series pilot) and that I must have done a lot of research.

“And then, she so accurately described someone in my life who had passed away, I had this little rod of belief in my heart then. I realized I wasn’t playing a fictional character, but a real person. There’s no science about it, but the way that woman talked to me flipped my whole world.”

As “The InBetween” starts, Dyer is making Season 2 of the Australian comedy “The Other Guy.” Feeling “slightly schizophrenic” about her two current parts, she admits she has found American TV a different ball game: “We have a beautiful industry (in Australia) that is very successful in its own right, but in terms of scale and budget and the profile, this is the biggest thing I’ve done. Definitely.”

Birthdate: 1988

Birthplace: Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Current residence: Australia

Marital status: Single

Other television credits include: “The Other Guy,” “No Activity,” “Kiki and Kitty,” “The Letdown,” “Hyde & Seek,” “Rake,” “Black Comedy,” “Janet King,” “Love Child,” “Packed to the Rafters,” “A Moody Christmas,” “Micro Nation”

Movie credits include: “The Way We Weren’t,” “Killing Ground,” “Down Under,” “Ruben Guthrie”

On being a relative newcomer in the U.S.: “To the American public, I’m a stranger … but I have wonderful people who look after me and are very aware of all the stuff I’ve done back home. When they’ve put me up for things, they’ve never made me feel like I’m starting again, let’s put it that way.”

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Jay Bobbin

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