Hannah Storm enters ‘Bachelor’ Nation

Hannah Storm of "The Bachelor Winter Games" Tuesday and Thursday on ABC
Hannah Storm of “The Bachelor Winter Games” Tuesday and Thursday on ABC

Q: Since you normally cover actual sports events, what was the appeal for you in being a commentator on “The Bachelor Winter Games”?

A: You see how people are going to respond to something that’s uncomfortable and difficult for them to do. It does tell you a lot about a person, their approach to challenges, and I love that part of it. And there’s that whole notion of it being wintertime and being inside and watching that kind of thing on TV.

“The Bachelor” is still “The Bachelor,” let’s be honest, but this does have competition in it, too … admittedly a different kind of competition, but there actually are some people who are pretty decent at what they’re trying to do here. And the fact that it’s international also is really interesting to me, because people from different countries think differently about dating and how they might approach a competition.

Q: Did you know much about “The Bachelor” coming into this?

A: I had some knowledge of “The Bachelor.” Anytime I do any assignment, I always do a lot of research, so I prepared for this. I had note cards on the different participants, I read about them, and I did my research exactly like I would do for any other broadcast. I wanted to be able to carry on a fluent conversation with (host) Chris Harrison, who knows these people well, and I wanted my comfort level so that I would understand jokes or references.

There are a lot of people for whom this franchise is very important. They’re very invested in it, and I really wanted to respect that. And so, I did.

Chris Harrison and Hannah Storm
Jay Bobbin

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