Hannah Hart – Following her cravings

Hannah Hart of "My Drunk Kitchen" on YouTube
Hannah Hart of “My Drunk Kitchen” on YouTube

Q: What are your favorite cuisines?

A: I think for me, I really like to explore. I’m big on experimenting with my own cooking, my own flavor palate. Favorite cuisines? That’s tough because I really just go with what my body’s craving at the time. Like right now, my body is craving like brothy soup. Would I say that’s my favorite cuisine? Absolutely not. Is it the thing I want most in the world right now? Yes.

Q: Especially if you have a cold.

A: Also in general, I’m just a big fan of soup. I don’t think soup gets as much credit as it deserves. … I also love a chowder. I mean, soup arguably is probably not one of the most interesting things, but I do love soup, yes. But in general, I try and usually check in with what my body is leaning toward physically. When people say I’m in the mood for this or in the mood for that, I try and live like every meal that way if I can.

Q: What is the strangest thing you’ve ever tried?

A: You know, I walked away from shooting (Food Network’s “I Hart Food”) a massive fan of bison meat. North American bison, I never thought I would be a big fan of. I strongly prefer it to cow and to beef. It’s incredible. It is more flavorful and it’s better for you physically. We spent this amazing time on a bison ranch in Montana and I walked away from that absolutely a huge advocate/proponent of bison meat, not only as an alternative but as a go-to in terms of the ground red meat. … It’s great.

And it’s wild to me because bison are fully sustainable to North America, they’re from here, they’re completely easy on the land. They are massive – you don’t need to overproduce them. It’s just like kind of mind-blowing. I got a really wonderful education in bison from this rancher and I’m a big convert. When we cook at home, I pretty much if I can – and if I see it at the store I’ll grab it and I’ll be like, “OK, this is definitely what we’re making.”

Q: Some people say they look back on the those days fondly. Do you in some ways envy young actors with their optimism and idealism?

A: Yeah. It’s kind of a bit like yeah, but there’s this pressure of: Am I going to have to go home at some point? Is this not going to work? When’s someone going to tap you on the shoulder and go, “Hey, it’s not working. You gotta go home.” And that’s a terrible feeling, and I’ve felt that before in my life. And you just have to keep doing it.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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