‘Guardians of the Glades’ – Why Dusty Crum likes cooler weather

Dusty Crum: Over 3,000 snakes caught

Q: Do the snakes slow down this time of year?

A: Well, it’s going to help us out because the more of these cold nights we get, the water temperature is dropping and it’s going to force them up out of the water in the morning because they’re going to be so cold they want to come catch some of that sunshine and warm up a little bit, and that’s where we’re going to bust ‘em.

Q: And they’re probably a bit more sluggish?

A: Yeah, it depends on the time of day. Like if you get one that’s just come out and started sunning, then yeah, he’s just going to lay there. But if you get one that’s been warmed up in the sun all day then you’ve got problems. It’s going to be game on.

Q: Has doing a TV show been a big adjustment for you and your business?

A: Well, not really. I mean, it’s not the first TV show I’ve done so I kind of know what it’s about. But definitely being on my own show like this is I’m gaining more – I guess you’d say celebrity or whatever. People recognizing me and wanting to talk about what’s going on and stuff. So I’m happy to do that. It’s whatever I can do to help spread the message and keep it going. You know, each one of these people that recognizes me and is a fan of the show is a good thing for Florida and our ecosystem.

Q: What’s your snake count up to these days?

A: Well with our water management group that I’m working with, we’re over 3,000 snakes eliminated. And if you take the exponential factor in half of those are female and they can lay a hundred eggs at a time, we’re taking future generations out. I’m starting to see a little bit of wildlife return to certain areas that were infested with pythons so maybe in those localized areas we’re making a little bit of a difference, which is kind of cool.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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