Greg Kinnear is making a ‘Stand’ with Stephen King story

CBS All Access presents new version of modern-classic novel

Greg Kinnear of ‘The Stand’ Thursday on CBS All Access

Q: You also worked earlier with Josh Boone, a director and executive producer of “The Stand,” on the movie “Stuck in Love.” Did you suspect this was in his plans then?

A: Even in that first meeting, he was very passionate about Stephen King, so … you blink, and almost 10 years, the phone rings. And that’s when I first heard about this coming back to life. I’m not sure this role would have jumped out at me, but all the characters were great in the book; I remember that from reading it back in the day. (Playing Glen) Bateman really did offer something.

Q: Since “The Stand” is sparked by a pandemic, what do you think about its relevance now?

A: I think there’s sort of a hyper-reality going on in Stephen’s version, and now that we’ve all lived through the real version, it does feel like people’s personalities are heightened at this time — whether it’s a friend or someone you work with. In some ways, that’s for the good and in some ways, it’s for the bad. The traits and behaviors that have come out of the stress this has out on everybody is real, and (King) certainly plays on that theme hugely in the book.

Q: Since the filming of it was wrapping up just as the pandemic was ramping up, how did the making of “The Stand” go for you?

A: I think it ran very well. I was a little late to the party, and by the time I got in there, there was a good vibe. I thought the cast was really excellent, and the producers made me feel right at home. It was all great.

Q: Since “The Stand” first was made for television in 1994, did you have interest in seeing that version?

A: I didn’t. I didn’t know where to find it, not that I would have watched it if I did. It felt like we were doing our own thing, and (the producers) had worked really hard to update it and put their stamp on it. Everybody was working off a new vibe for it.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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