‘Men in Kilts’ – When Sam and Graham met St. Andrews

Feeling at home at the home of golf

Graham McTavish of ‘Men in Kilts: A Road Trip with Sam and Graham’ Sunday on Starz

Q: Did you and your co-star Sam Heughan get to play 18 holes at St. Andrews when you filmed the segment there?

A: No, sadly not. We didn’t have time. We were on a pretty tight schedule. We were tearing all over the country. And (the film crew) did it really well. I mean, thank God we weren’t in charge of that aspect of it because we would have just stayed there and enjoyed ourselves. Because beautiful, clear blue sky. We wanted to combine as many different types of sport as possible and golf was one of them. And I did take enormous pleasure in beating Sam at golf. It was a particularly sweet moment because he was convinced he was going to thrash me. (Laughs) So I was quite pleased.

Q: Teeing off at St. Andrews had to be a life experience, no?

A: Indeed, and thank God I didn’t hit it into the car park (laughs).

Q: Didn’t the caddy say the fairway is 124 yards wide so you can’t miss?

A: Oh, well that’s what he said but he also said, which may not have been on camera, that he’s been there with experienced golfers who, one of them shot it into the car park, another one shot it onto the beach and another one hit it behind him. Because apparently because it’s such a holy grail for golfers, they become completely terrified when they get on that tee. And we, I suppose, have the advantage of not really being experienced golfers at all. So for us, it was just like, “Well, we have to hit this ball and let’s see what happens.” … They would miss it completely. Terrible. I mean stories of just nightmares (laughs) for some people to turn up there. That chief caddy was very funny, actually. He was great. He had lots of stories.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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