‘Good Trouble’ – Mitchell appreciates matured character

Callie all grown up

Maia Mitchell of ‘Good Trouble’ Tuesday on Freeform

Q: Some actors say that when they play a character over the course of years, they find they start to pick up some of their traits. Have you experienced that with Callie at all in “The Fosters” and now “Good Trouble”?

A: I think that when you’re on a show for so long, I’m not sure whether it’s you take on their traits or they take on yours. I think for “The Fosters,” I was obviously playing much younger. I’m 25 now. So by the end of the season, I was still playing a teenager at the end of that show. So I didn’t find similar traits for “The Fosters” in the way that I do now because the stories are so much more relevant to my life and kind of personal journeys that I’m on at this point in my life.

But there’s definitely similarities between Callie and I and the same with Mariana and Cierra (Ramirez, her co-star). They’re a lot more similar than Callie and I are. But I think what’s really interesting is Cierra and my relationship in real life is very similar to Mariana and Callie’s, and I think that’s just from Cierra and I being so close. We’re best friends in real life and we are like sisters, so watching the way that the writers have taken on our dynamic and really put it into this show in particular has been really fun so it’s really easy for us.

Q: What’s the most fun about playing this character?

A: I think for me, I’m at the point in my career that I’m at now where I really wanted to be challenged, so what’s been really fun for me has been all the kind of legal conversations and the political stuff. That’s been really interesting for me, I’ve been learning a lot. But yeah, working with Cierra is so fun and so easy.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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