‘Good Morning America’s’ Ginger Zee writes about being a ‘Natural Disaster’

‘Good Morning America’ meteorologist releases her autobiography

Ginger Zee
ABC’s weekday “Good Morning America” meteorologist Ginger Zee releases her autobiography “Natural Disaster” Tuesday, December 5.

Ginger Zee believes viewers should know morning-television personalities well … and the public is about to get to know her better than ever.

ABC News’ chief meteorologist and weekday “Good Morning America” regular tells virtually all in her autobiography being released Tuesday, Dec. 5, “Natural Disaster: I Cover Them. I Am One.” To say the book’s subjects span a wide range is an understatement, from career ups and downs to mental-health challenges she’s experienced – and relationships she’s had, with a chapter devoted to her husband, current “Pickler & Ben” co-host Ben Aaron (with whom she’s expecting their second child, due in February).

Just using the title “Natural Disaster” to describe herself indicates the friendly Zee’s sense of humor about her life, but the book surely mines much serious territory. “I think that in general, anytime you open up, (the reaction) is usually pretty positive,” she says. “I’m hoping that’s the case, because that’s what I intended to write for, but you never know. You have to be ready for it all.

“For so long, all I cared about was my career,” Zee notes, “and I allowed my personal life to suffer, regularly. I didn’t pay enough attention to it, and you need to attend to it and give love to it. Until I did that, and was honest with myself and with everybody else, that didn’t allow me to peak in my career.”

Clearly, Zee has taken becoming an author to heart: Next April will bring “Chasing Helicty,” her first book in a trilogy about an adventurous young weather student that she says sprang from “my love of getting kids involved in science, just like I had the opportunity to do. I had the inspiration of my mother — who was more on the biology side — and I want other kids to say, ‘Science is cool.’ In a fictional world, you can make anything happen, and I’m way more excited and not terrified about that.”

Deeming “Natural Disaster’s” release “the last part of healing” for herself, Zee wants a definite takeaway for its readers. “I was so fortunate to make these relationships, and find humanity and empathy and compassion at a much earlier age,” she reflects, “and gain perspective. I always tell my youngest siblings, ‘It’s really about perspective.’ I wish everybody could get it sooner. I wish I’d had it sooner.”

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