‘Good Bones’ – Starsiak Hawk branching out

‘Good Bones’ star figures it out

Mina Starsiak Hawk of ‘Good Bones’ Tuesday on HGTV

Q: How are you feeling about your first foray into retail? Excited? Nervous?

A: Both. I am very excited because it’s been a long time coming but I’m very nervous. We’ve owned this warehouse for a while and we did about a year ago a clear-the-warehouse sale (and took) a bunch of old doors and pieces of wood and just kind of random things and put them on Facebook. That was it and we had a line around the block, people had driven from out of state. So super-exciting if we get anything close to that but also kind of terrifying. We’re worried we’re going to sell out in the first weekend. But we’ll figure it out.

Q: That would be a nice problem to have. It could go the other way.

A: Exactly (laughs).

Q: How has the pregnancy meshed with everything else?

A: I’m a bit of a workaholic, and before we had (oldest son) Jack we had foster custody of my niece for a year and she was little. She was a year and a half, two years old. So having her actually really helped me figure out how to balance time and prioritize and just make things a little bit more functional with me and (husband) Steve as a family. So when we had Jack, we had to make some tweaks and we tried a couple of different things and a couple of different schedules and found what works for both of us.

And we have an amazing nanny that’s like life-saving because neither Steve nor I are stay-at-home parents. We wouldn’t be good parents if we were stay-at-home parents. So the gal that we hired, she’s been with us for a year yesterday actually. And she’s just incredible and having that help really makes it doable.

George Dickie

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