‘Goldfinger’ remains one of James Bond’s top adventures

EPIX presents Sean Connery classic as Agent 007 returns to theaters

Sean Connery in “Goldfinger”

James Bond is back — finally — with this month’s release of the Daniel Craig-starring  “No Time to Die,” but for many fans, the franchise hit its high almost 60 years ago with Sean Connery’s “Goldfinger,” which EPIX presents Sunday, Oct. 10 (along with Roger Moore’s “The Spy Who Loved Me,” Timothy Dalton’s “Licence to Kill” and Pierce Brosnan’s “GoldenEye”). “Goldfinger” also is streaming on Hulu.

Connery is at splendid ease in the 1964 adventure as novelist Ian Fleming’s Agent 007 is assigned to tail vastly wealthy Auric Goldfinger (Gert Frobe), and the path stretches from Switzerland to Kentucky as the villain’s plot to make himself even richer by contaminating Fort Knox’s gold supply becomes clear. Among the many iconic elements here: the title song belted out by Shirley Bassey; the literal “golden girl” portrayed by Shirley Eaton; and Goldfinger’s silent henchman Oddjob (Harold Sakata), who throws a very deadly hat.

Other Retro Rewinds:

“The Outcasts” (getTV, Sundays and Saturdays)::

Sort of a Western version of “The Defiant Ones” that may have been ahead of its time and earned very mixed reviews as a possible result, this drama casts Don Murray and Otis Young as a former cavalry officer and a bounty hunter who form a wary alliance. The two men’s differences — starting with racial ones — made for social commentary that was somewhat understated, but still evident.

“Raging Bull” (Hulu, streaming):

Four decades later, Robert De Niro’s depiction of boxer Jake LaMotta still is one of the most amazing physical transformations in movie history. The veteran performer was named Oscar’s best actor for director Martin Scorsese’s 1980 portrait of the fighter who ultimately becomes his own worst enemy, given how he shreds his personal relationships while displaying prowess in the ring. Scorsese reunited De Niro and co-star Joe Pesci memorably a decade later in “Goodfellas.”

“Frasier” (Hallmark Channel, Friday, Oct. 15):

“Goodnight, Seattle” is — or, actually, was — the final episode of this popular “Cheers” spinoff, with Dr. Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer) charting a new course for himself while relating his recent events to a fellow airplane passenger and psychiatrist (Jennifer Beals). Though the show’s 11-year run seemed to end here, a revival (with Grammer back in the title role) is in the works for Paramount+.

“Luxury Liner” (Turner Classic Movies, Saturday, Oct. 16):

Hollywood lost one of the last remaining staples of the movies’ “Golden Age” last month with the passing of longtime MGM staple Jane Powell, and TCM — for which she made appearances on a number of occasions — celebrates her career with an afternoon of her films. First up is this 1948 musical about (expectedly) an ocean vessel on which many of the passengers are singing stars.

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