Ginger Zee continues to bid ‘Good Morning America’ from home

ABC’s chief meteorologist gives national forecasts from her basement

Ginger Zee

Doing “Good Morning America” lately has been both the same and not for Ginger Zee.

ABC News’ chief meteorologist notes that she’s often separated from the anchors for her weekday segments anyway. Thus, while she misses seeing her colleagues in person during the coronavirus pandemic, she notes that giving forecasts using equipment and a “green screen” in her home (though she did cover Hurricane Laura and wildfires on location) isn’t that far a cry from her usual mode.

“The first six weeks, something went wrong every single morning,” Zee allows, “and I would be sweating in my basement. Also, I was working while I had the coronavirus, and I didn’t know because I couldn’t get a test. Now, I think we’ve really settled in and learned how to troubleshoot, And I have my engineer, Andrew Hull, who has been my savior.”

One “GMA” aspect Zee admits that she wouldn’t mind having back is assistance with hair and makeup. She’s been doing her own, and she’s not shy about following up with anyone who might critique it, as those connected to her on Twitter know.

“It’s brought out a lot of gratitude for all of the people who work so hard at ‘GMA’ and make my life easier,” Zee notes. “It’s not that I didn’t know they were there, but when I’m doing all of those jobs, it definitely adds to everything, I worked in local news for 10 years, so it’s not like I hadn’t done my own (styling) before. But I do miss them.”

Also the host of the ABC weekend show “Hearts of Heroes” and ABC News Live’s “It’s Not Too Late” environment reports, Zee has been writing a follow-up to her memoir “Natural Disaster: I Cover Them, I Am One.” She’s been comfortable operating from home with her journalist husband Ben Aaron and their two young sons.

“We have continued to keep ourselves and our co-workers and the rest of the world safe by being able to work remotely,” Zee reasons. “It is continued gratitude that I feel every morning, even when something goes tragically wrong.”

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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