Gil Bellows explores marriage in ‘Love in the Time of Corona’

‘Ally McBeal’ alum works with wife and daughter as Freeform project concludes

Gil Bellows of ‘Love in the Time of Corona’ Saturday and Sunday on Freeform

Q: How was it to make “Love in the Time of Corona” with your wife and daughter, Rya Kihlstedt and Ava Bellows, playing your wife and daughter?

A: The thing I got really excited about on a personal level was, that in this time when we’re all experiencing things, everyone is affected by the circumstances. To be able to share a slice of life within those circumstances with Rya and Ava is a gift, really. To have a little time capsule of ours, in a way, that’s the way we walked into this. And it was an exciting adventure.

Q: Since you also have directed in addition to doing a great deal of acting, what was the technical process of doing this like for you?

A: When Rya says it has an indie-film feeling, that’s part of it. It was like an experiment with all the characteristics of being familiar, but also with these protocols that made it unique and unusual.

One thing about it that was really interesting was that because we were in those rooms by ourselves doing those scenes, there was a level of intimacy that was palpable. We felt like we were alone doing our work, though when it was over, we could hear Joanna’s (executive producer Johnson) voice coming through with whatever suggestions or ideas she had.

Q: Since in “Love in the Time of Corona,” you and Rya play a couple trying to navigate through severe marital strife, how was that for you to portray?

A: It’s an inherent part of not only the story, but of the fact that we were the ones doing it. We’ve been together for a very long time, and this moment offers a chance to celebrate that the person you love is also the person you get to work with.

We represent something in the story that I think a lot of people are exploring and dealing with, which is building a life and getting to a certain point where you have to look at the person across from you and see where you stand. I think that’s a universal aspect of storytelling.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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