Get YouTube and get fit in the new year

Maybe you overdid it with the eggnog or the endless parade of cheese and cookie platters. Perhaps you didn’t see any slice of pecan pie you didn’t without a second thought consume. And the workouts? Really? Who has time or inclination to exercise during the holidays?

So here we are a few weeks into January and you’ve let things get out of control, which the bathroom scale and some of your clothes have informed you of in no uncertain terms. And it’s time to do something.

That’s where YouTube comes in. The all-encompassing video platform has a wide array of fitness channels, ranging from pilates and yoga to cardio training and bodybuilding. So log on, get your heart rate up and watch those holiday pounds melt away.


BeFit ( Health, fitness and wellness are the calling cards of this channel that offers workouts via paid downloads, subscriptions, DVDs and free content, from top trainers such as Jillian Michaels, Billy Blanks Jr., Denise Austin and others. There is even a series of BeFit Go workouts meant to be watched on a smartphone and done anywhere.


Blogilates ( If you’re challenged for space, this female-focused channel from creator Cassey Ho boasts a wide range of workouts that target specific body areas and can be done on only a yoga mat. Ho also preaches the virtues of having a positive body self-image, even posting videos detailing her struggles with it.


Fitness Blender ( If you’re the type who hates working out, this channel of simple, easy-to-understand workouts may be just the tonic, offering more than 500 routines ranging from 10 minutes to more than an hour that can be done at home using body weight and minimal equipment. Its 4.5 million subscribers are testament to their appeal.


Global Cycling Network ( Under the “Training” section of this all-things-bike website are a slew of virtual spinning classes you can do at home, some offering video of iconic cycling courses such as Passo Campolongo and Passo Falzarego in Italy. Sweat and enjoy the scenery.


Jessica Smith TV ( Certified personal trainer Smith leads viewers on full-length workouts in a wide variety of areas from core strengthening and cardio to walking practices and yoga, that even have options for those with physical limitations. And in some videos, her dog joins in.


Scott Herman Fitness ( Weight training is the thrust of this channel, with videos on everything from barbell and body-weight exercises to fat-loss routines and nutritional supplements. There are even videos preaching the virtues of proper form.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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