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Claudia Sandoval

The U.S./Mexico border has long been a hotbed of culinary delights and now a new series on discovery+ takes viewers on a tour of the places where travelers can find some interesting and unexpected fare.

In the currently streaming “Taste of the Border,” Claudia Sandoval (“MasterChef,” “Food Network Challenge”) is your host for this journey along our country’s southern border, from the Pacific Coast to the Gulf of Mexico, as she takes in the cuisines and the stories behind them while exploring the towns.

So in the episodes, she’ll make stops in places such as Mexicali for Chinese food and a history lesson; San Luis Colorado, Mexico, to sample incredible tacos and check out a date and fig farm; Monterrey, Mexico, where she tries suckling pig mole and local barbecue; and Hatch, N.M., for a visit to a chili farm and a date with a Sonoran hot dog.

So if you thought you knew all about Mexican food, you might get a few surprises in this new offering.

Also worth checking out on discovery+ is the recently premiered “Messy History of American Food.” As the title indicates, the series offers a wild and educational ride through the chaotic histories of some of the country’s most iconic foods, highlighting the messiest origin stories of American food and food culture.

So get ready to learn about the truth behind chicken wings, the real story behind burgers and the evolution of bread. It’s information inquiring foodie minds want to know.

Over on cable, Andrew Zimmern is always up to interesting things on Cooking Channel’s “Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations,” and in the episode airing Monday, May 16, he visits Santorini, the idyllic Greek island that boasts much natural beauty and a rich culinary history. Here, he samples tomato fritters, lamb fricassee and a local favorite, grilled octopus. Fare that’s exotic and mouth-watering.

Wednesday, May 18, on Cooking, “Food Paradise” offers up a cornucopia of iconic culinary delights such as swordfish tacos in Los Angeles, steamed crabs in Baltimore and key lime pie in the town that made it famous, Key West, Fla. Yum!

And if plant-based eating is of interest, you might want to check out the Sunday, May 15, episode of Food Network’s “Inside Eats With Rhett & Link,” which finds hosts Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal at the labs and kitchen of Beyond Meat to try their innovative products and learn about the science behind them.

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