George Clooney chalks up another major honor


George Clooney

Q: I read that George Clooney is receiving The Kennedy Center Honors this year. When will that be on television? — Casey Ford, via email

A: Though CBS hadn’t set an exact air date yet when this column was written, it’s likely to get its traditional December telecast, barring unforeseen circumstances (as happened in 2020). The event is scheduled to be recorded at the start of that month, and though it aired a week earlier than usual last year, the broadcast normally comes shortly afterward during the holiday season.

Clooney is the sole acting name in this year’s lineup of recipients that includes a bounty of music stars — U2, Gladys Knight and Amy Grant — as well as composer-conductor Tania Leon. Since the honorees usually are saluted by people significant in their lives and/or careers, we’ll put our figurative bets now on Julia Roberts and Julianna Margulies showing up on behalf of Clooney.

Q: Why was “Chad” canceled just as its second season was supposed to begin? — Doug Collins, via email

A: The general consensus is that it got caught in a corporate merger, that being the combining of WarnerMedia — the owner of TBS — and Discovery Networks. It didn’t take long for some revised decisions to be made, one of which involved pulling the Nasim Pedrad-starring sitcom “Chad” from the TBS schedule just hours before the second-season premiere was to be shown, despite good ratings for the show’s freshman round. That was part of an apparent plan to move TBS away from original scripted content.

Nasim Pedrad

As of this writing, there are efforts to find a new home for the fully filmed Season 2 of “Chad.” The show originally had been developed for Fox, which passed on it before TBS stepped forward. “Saturday Night Live” alum Pedrad said on social media that however things ultimately go with the program’s distribution, she’s proud of the work she did on it.

Q: I’ve been enjoying repeats of “Charlie’s Angels” on getTV. Has Kate Jackson done any acting lately? — Chris Trask, Bend, Ore.

A: Her last listed acting credit dates back to 2007 and an episode of “Criminal Minds,” in which she guest-starred as a U.S. ambassador who also happened to be the mother of Paget Brewster’s Emily Prentiss character.

Most of Jackson’s most recent work — which really isn’t all that recent — has been comprised of series guest shots (“Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” “Third Watch,” voice work on “Family Guy” and “American Dad!”) and TV-movie roles (“A Daughter’s Conviction,” “Miracle Dogs”). She also appeared in the 2009 documentary “Farrah’s Story,” made while fellow “Angel” Farrah Fawcett was in the last stages of battling cancer.

Q: I heard that Sylvester Stallone will be starring in a TV series later this year. Will that be his first one? — Sam Duncan, Wheeling, W. Va.

A: “Tulsa King,” casting the actor who’s iconic as Rocky and Rambo as a newly paroled mob boss who rebuilds his power base while newly stationed in Oklahoma, will be his first regularly scheduled weekly venture when Paramount+ debuts the drama Nov. 13. (Paramount Network will simulcast the premiere episode of the show from “Yellowstone” co-creator Taylor Sheridan.)

Stallone did guest turns on such shows as “Kojak” and “Police Story” early in his career. Since then, he’s also been a guest on “This Is Us,” “Las Vegas” and “Saturday Night Live,” but the movie screen has been his main entertainment-world home up to now.

Q: I recently saw “Tommy” on Turner Classic Movies. Was it really Ann-Magret who was crawling around in the chocolate and baked beans? — Janet Pierce, via email

A: Oh, yes. Director Ken Russell’s 1975 take on The Who’s rock opera is quite famous for the visually messy scene in which the title character’s mother rolls around in food (as well as detergent; don’t ask) that gets her outfit very … um, unclean. Russell carried over the idea for the sequence from another planned project in which he was going to parody commercials he made at the start of his career.

Game as she was for the scene (more than her husband, who reportedly wasn’t too pleased about it), Ann-Margret paid a certain price for doing it. She accidentally cut her hand on a broken television screen that was part of the staging, and she had to go to the hospital for stitches (taken there by Russell). Trouper that she is, though, the actress-singer was back at work on the “Tommy” set the next day.

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