‘Claim to Fame’ — Frankie Jonas can empathize with celebrity kin

How the youngest Jonas brother found his path

Frankie Jonas

Frankie Jonas knows what it’s like to live in the shadow of a famous family member — or in his case, members.

As the youngest sibling of the musical Jonas Brothers, the 21-year-old New Jersey native has been content to live outside the spotlight and quietly make his own path in life, earning a bachelor’s degree in audio engineering and pursuing studies in astrophysics and writing at Columbia University.

Which makes him ideally suited to host (with brother Kevin) “Claim to Fame.” Premiering Monday, July 11, on ABC, the unscripted series challenges 12 celebrity relatives to step outside their famous kin’s shadow and live together under one roof, hiding their identity and lineage from the others in their quest for their own fame and fortune.

The contestants will take on challenges, form alliances and play DNA detective in an effort to avoid elimination and win a $100,000 grand prize. And as a side benefit, they might just find out what their own calling in life is.

Just as Frankie Jonas has.

“I grew up under a very similar life that they grew up in,” he explains, “and so much of the show is about the identity of that circumstance and … being in the relative situation of the shadow. And I think that through this show, we get to watch so much blossoming of these people as they find their claim to fame, which is beautiful. I think that we really dive into what it means to be a relative of a celebrity and have that claim to fame.”

Frankie Nathaniel Jonas

Birth date: Sept. 28, 2000

Birthplace: Wycoff, N.J.

Family ties: The youngest son of Denise and Paul Kevin Jonas Sr.; siblings are Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas; is a descendant of Congressmen Charles A. Jonas and Charles R. Jonas

Other television credits include: “Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream,” “Jonas,” “R.L. Stine’s the Haunting Hour,” “TikTok Runway Labyrinth”

Movie credits include: “Ponyo” (2008), “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian” (2009), “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam” (TV, 2010), “The Reef 2: High Tide” (voice only, 2012)

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