Fran Drescher helps set up ‘The Christmas Setup’

‘The Nanny’ veteran returns to Lifetime with new holiday movie

Fran Drescher of ‘The Christmas Setup’ Saturday on Lifetime

Q: Since you traditionally celebrate Hanukkah, what were your considerations in signing up for “The Christmas Setup”?

A: I love Christmas, and I love anything that is feel-good and spreads joy. I always get a Christmas tree, I always have friends over. They all bring ornaments, and the Christmas tree that I always end up decorating with my friends and family is a collection of memories of people and gifts and things like that.

I was in lockdown for months. It was nothing but me and my dog, and then out of the blue, Lifetime called and said, “Do you want to do this movie? If so, pack your bags. You are going to Canada in a week.” I got my negative COVID test and my work permit, and I busted across the border with my pup. And it was a wonderful thing, because I was beginning to feel a little scared about the outside world, and that’s not healthy. So, it was an amazing, beautiful experience. It was great to be celebrating Christmas in September.

Q: Lifetime also has employed you as the face and voice of an on-air bingo contest it has been running during the holiday season. Have you enjoyed doing that?

A: That was kind of a separate thing, but I was happy to do it. I’m very proud to be part of the Lifetime family. One of the first places that “The Nanny” went after CBS was Lifetime, and I had also done a little “Nanny” reunion on Lifetime. I’ve always felt a connection to that network. I love what they do.

All of my goddaughters, who are millennials in their 20s, love the Lifetime original movies … so when Lifetime said, “We’d love you to be the one to host the bingo games, so we can encourage viewers to participate and be part of the holiday spirit,” it was my absolute pleasure to do it. I don’t see any downside to it. I want to support them.

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Jay Bobbin

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