‘Four Sheets’ – Going for the Andes Mountains high

Imbibing at altitude

Zane Lamprey of ‘Four Sheets’ on BrewDog Network

Q: How is it drinking at 10,000 feet, which you did in Cuzco, Peru, for an episode of BrewDog Network’s “Four Sheets”? Did you feel any difference?

A: You know, we couldn’t really get the exact science of that. I mean, there’s science that’s supported but I don’t know that there’s data that necessarily supports it. I don’t know that anyone’s thrown themselves out there to really figure that out. I mean, I didn’t feel the alcohol affect me any differently and some of the stuff was higher APV, like the beers and stuff were pretty high APV.

Q: Such as the one you drank that had an alcohol content of 16 percent.

A: Yeah, there was one that was 16; that was amazing. I didn’t realize it was 16. You know, the coca leaves, you chew on those for altitude sickness and it generally helps. So usually you’d wake up and have a coffee but you’d also have some coca tea, which every place serves coca tea and then you’d have that and then you wouldn’t really feel the effects of the altitude. I think for the first day or two, you felt a little bit of that, but then it was all gone.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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