Food for thought: Off-the-beaten-path culinary series you can stream right now

Gordon Ramsay

We’re all aware of the plentiful cooking and competition series on Food Network, Cooking Channel and even PBS but there is a whole world of culinary programming beyond that.

And by world, we mean international series or series with an international flair, many of which are easily accessible via a Netflix, Amazon or Hulu account. So if you’re one of those who is always on the lookout for new foodie content, look no further. The following is a list of such shows you can stream right now.

“Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course” (Amazon): From the U.K. comes this 10-episode program in which the chef and restaurateur offers up pointers on things like cooking with minimal ingredients, creating a gourmet-quality meal on a budget, slow cooking, making street-food classics and cooking with chili and spice.

“Food, Booze & Tattoos” (Netflix): This South African series follows writer Brett Rogers as he explores the artisinal food and drink scene in that country and stops in at some of its edgiest tattoo parlors. Because after some artisinal drink, why not get an edgy tattoo?

“Mexican Street Food With Mark Wiens” (Amazon): American author, blogger and foodie Wiens takes viewers on a tour of street food culture throughout our neighbor to the south, with stops in Oaxaca, the Yucatan Peninsula and Mexico City.

“Huang’s World” (Hulu): Eddie Huang, on whose childhood the ABC sitcom “Fresh Off the Boat” is based, hosts this documentary series in which he explores cultural identity through food, making stops in such varied places as Mexico, Italy, China, South Korea, Florida, France, Turkey, Toronto and Hawaii.

“The Bombay Chef” (Amazon): As the title suggests, Indian cuisine is the order of this series in which chef Varun Inamdar shows how to make authentic dishes from that Asian nation.

“Anthony Bourdain Explains It All” (Amazon): The late chef and author gives his take on everything under the sun in this series from 2016, from taking LSD to how to cook the perfect steak, with his trademark candor. Required viewing for Bourdain fans.

“Sammy & Bella’s Kitchen Rescue” (Netflix): Handy kitchen hacks are part and parcel of this Australian series, in which hosts Sammy and Bella Jakubiak do kitchen interventions for guests and show them time-saving skills and savory recipes.

“Chef Tips” (Amazon): Exactly as the title says, this series features internationally renowned chefs including Scott Conant, Jamie Bissonnette, Bruce Kalman, Jeremiah Stone and Ray Garcia, showing viewers kitchen basics, from how to filet a fish to making pasta dough.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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