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‘Travels With Darley’ –
Food and drink with a shot of adrenaline

Darley Newman

An adventurer by nature, Darley Newman isn’t above culinary thrill-seeking on her travel series “Travels With Darley.”

Now available on Journy, Ovation TV’s streaming platform and travel app, the half-hour series finds the South Carolina native on the road to less traveled corners of the globe to check out the local food and culture and take in experiences such as swimming with sharks in Dubai, bungee-jumping off the world’s tallest commercial tower in Macao, free-diving for seafood with a community of women in South Korea and learning about sustainable oyster farming in Morro Bay, Calif.

In that episode, which is one of this season’s new installments, she toured the Morro Bay Oyster Company’s operations and donned a wetsuit to watch the farming in action. That, naturally, turned into a culinary experience as she got to “eat oysters literally right out of the water, so that was amazing. … So that one stands out for me because the seafood and the quality of it is so great and you can learn where it’s coming from and where your food comes from. I think that makes it taste better.”

Seafood was also a theme in the South Korea episode, where Newman visited Jeju Island to visit a community of women that is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List for their culture because for they go free-diving for seafood to feed their families.

“They’re the main breadwinners of Jeju Island and it’s like a matriarchal society to this day,” Newman explains. “It was really fascinating. I went out and went free-diving with them. The water was freezing, it was November, I had on a wetsuit. It was kind of hardcore. … I actually filmed part of a segment holding a 360 camera and diving down with it and picking up seafood. And then of course we got to eat a few different things that we were harvesting from the ocean floor on Jeju Island, which was just amazing.”

On the flip side, there was the episode she did in Culpepper, Va., where she explored the history, culture, natural beauty and food and drink of the Piedmont, including among other things, moonshine. For this, she connected with Chuck Miller of Discovery Channel’s “Moonshiners” to get the lay of the land on local distilling.

“He is a character,” she says. “And it’s funny because I’ve actually done a couple of moonshine segments now … but it was neat to take a tour there. That area of Virginia, people know it as wine country so we did vineyards there as well, but then also they’ve got moonshine and lots of different food and stuff. But the moonshine was really interesting and we went straight to the casks and also saw the process of how they’re making it. And that was Belmont Farm Distillery. So that was a fun experience.”

George Dickie

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