Fieri explores the Pacific Northwest on ‘Guy’s All-American Road Trip’

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Guy Fieri

For those who like to travel on their stomachs, there is “Guy’s All-American Road Trip.”

Premiering Friday, June 3, on Food Network, the four-episode series follows chef Guy Fieri (“Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”), wife Lori and sons Hunter and Ryder as they hit the road in an RV to head up the U.S. West Coast from Northern California to Washington in search of adventures culinary and otherwise.

Joined by five other families, the group make stops in Crescent City, Calif., to milk cows; Gold Beach, Ore., for a 64-mile jet boat excursion; Florence, Ore., to go for a ride in the sand dunes of Honeyman State Park; and Leavenworth, Wash., to check out a Bavarian village and go ziplining. Along the way, they sample the local cuisine, which range from Dungeness crab and fried chicken to homemade pork eggrolls, milkshakes and gingerbread.

The trip culminates with a visit to Jim Belushi’s Oregon family farm for a dinner of Albanian dishes and American favorites such as pizza and ribs.

It’s a feast for the senses, one that might even make you want to buy an RV of your own and embark on your own foodie road trip. It’s also one of a few noteworthy entries on the Food Network/Cooking Channel slate this week.

Andrew Zimmern always has a case of the wanderlust as he demonstrates each week on his Cooking Channel series “Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations.” And in the episode airing Sunday, May 29, he finds a number of delicacies to his liking when he lands in Milan, Italy, a city whose refined cuisine has earned a place in the international consciousness. Here, he samples minestrone, saffron-tinted risotto and panettone, an Italian sweet bread.

Also new this week is Food’s “Chopped: Desperately Seeking Sous Chef.” Premiering Tuesday, May 31, each episode of the five-part tournament pits four talented sous chefs in a series of challenges that will test not only their cooking skills but also their leadership, attitude and ability to multitask. The winner, as determined by Maneet Chauhan, Scott Conant and Chris Santos, gets hired as a sous chef by one of the aforementioned judges.

And over on, look for the premiere of “Stoked” on Monday, May 30. Hosted by Minneapolis chef and restaurateur Yia Vang, the digital series is all about open-fire cooking, be it in the open wilderness or right in the backyard. Because who doesn’t like food cooked outdoors over an open flame?

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