‘FBI’ star Missy Peregrym loves New York

Actress enjoys working in and around the city for
CBS series

Missy Peregrym of ‘FBI’ Tuesday on CBS

Q: Having spent the first season of “FBI” and a good chunk of a second one working in New York, are you much more familiar with the city now?

A: It felt a lot better driving back (for Season 2) and coming back to the chaos. I was like, “OK. This is home, for now.” It was about really putting down all of the questions and the trepidation that I had. Before, it didn’t really feel like home because we still had a place in L.A. and then we were here, so it just didn’t feel like we could settle in the same way. It felt so good to say, “This is my city,” and it’s been awesome. (Peregrym and her actor husband, Tom Oakley, are expecting their first child.)

I really love where we’re living, and I love the people. And it’s always better coming back for the second season, because you’re really close with the crew, and it’s familiar. And I do very well when things are familiar. It’s much easier.

Q: How do you like filming the show at so many actual New York locations?

A: I love it! Some locations are a little more difficult than others, but I really like getting out of the studio. It’s been the best way for me to get to know New York. If you’re going to film here, you’ve got to show the city and utilize that.

Q: The forthcoming spinoff “FBI: Most Wanted” began as an episode of your series. Are there plans for crossover episodes?

A: I think that’s what they would like to do. It just takes a lot to coordinate something like that, and we just need to make sure it will match up for the timing and the airing. Nothing is confirmed, but I know that’s on the table.

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