‘FBI’ meets ‘FBI: Most Wanted’ again in crossover story

‘FBI: Most Wanted” cast returns to the series where theirs began

Julian McMahon (left) and Zeeko Zaki star in an “FBI” crossover with “FBI: Most Wanted” Tuesday on CBS.

In the world of Dick Wolf, where his NBC “Chicago” dramas step into one another, you just know the same will hold true for his CBS “FBI” series.

The television mega-producer’s latest dramas have such a crossover – not the first, since “FBI: Most Wanted” was spun out of an “FBI” episode – Tuesday, March 24. In the first hour, the New York-centered team of federal agents searches for a missing bus with 26 students aboard. The traveling “Most Wanted” squad is called in when a prime suspect is someone once arrested by Agent Jess LaCroix (Julian McMahon).

“It’s a great energy, for them to have filmed their (first-season) episodes and to work with other actors who can relate,” says Zeeko Zaki, who plays the parent “FBI” show’s Special Agent “OA” Zidan. “It’s definitely nice to meet back up after their show has had such success … and on our part, it’s seeing how much the power of this franchise can do for our show. It’s all been awesome.”

Julian McMahon stars in an “FBI: Most Wanted” crossover with “FBI” Tuesday on CBS.

Wolf explains that the crossover makes sense because the “Most Wanted” team, while pursuing fugitives across the country, is “still based out of New York. That’s the physical similarity. Even though they are not there very much, it’s still the same key personnel operating in both shows.” Don’t expect this to be the last crossover for those series, since Wolf justifiably notes, “We’ve had pretty good luck with them in the past.”

Whether working in tandem with “FBI” or going solo, McMahon – who’s done his share of shows (“Profiler,” “Charmed,” “Nip/Tuck,” “Runaways”) – simply is happy to be on the “Most Wanted” train.

“I was a fan of everything from ‘Columbo’ to whatever else, but I was also a fan of Dick’s original ‘Law & Order’s’ and all of that kind of stuff,” McMahon notes of his history as a viewer. “When I first moved from Australia to the U.S., I was up watching either infomercials or Dick Wolf shows, and that was it. That’s what I’d kind of go to sleep doing and enjoyed. Yeah, I’m a fan.”

Zaki has another reason for wanting the crossover to work: He’s taking the lead on the “FBI” acting side while fellow star Missy Peregrym is on maternity leave. “Even in just two days without her, you realize what we have,” he reflects. “With her stepping off, it’s a lot of pressure – and I’m excited to do it, because it’s not for that long, and I get to see if I can implement the lessons she’s taught me in these episodes. A very big part of me wants to make her proud.”

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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