Eugene Levy bids farewell to ‘Schitt’s Creek’

Pop TV sitcom phenomenon signs off after six seasons

Eugene Levy of ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Tuesday on Pop TV

Q: As “Schitt’s Creek” comes to the end of its six-season run, how do you reflect on working with your son Dan in both of your roles as major creative forces on the show?

A: I realized, very early on, that he was way ahead of where I was – and (I thought), “You can take this mentoring thing and just stick it in your back pocket, because I think he has got a good handle on it. Step back, and give him room to do what he has to do.”

Q: How do you view the arc of the series’ success?

A: The show started out as a character-driven comedy, and in order to be a success, we had to get to a point where the audience had an emotional investment in the characters. And once we knew we were hitting that, even in the first season, that’s where you can really take the audience on a lovely ride … because you can really get that roller coaster of laughs and emotion happening. To me, it always is the best kind of comedy to do, where the characters are real and the situations are kind of real and everything is grounded.

Q: You and “Schitt’s Creek” co-star Catherine O’Hara also worked together on “SCTV.” How do you compare the two experiences?

A: We loved “SCTV.” We were younger, we were the inmates running the asylum, and it was fun. But it did have a cult-show status, and this show kind of had a cult-show status when we were starting, but the experience of now going beyond cult-show status is kind of a new experience. And it’s nice.

It’s nice to be able to kind of bookend a career with something that gives you as much joy. And the quality of work is, to me, really outstanding on the show. It’s an amazing cast, and our writing is amazing, and Dan’s done an amazing job. So, they’ve both been highlights. No question.

Jay Bobbin

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