Escola goes dark for ‘At Home’ character

She’s a maniac

Cole Escola of ‘At Home With Amy Sedaris’ Sunday on truTV.

Q: How was your “At Home With Amy Sedaris” character of Chassie initially described to you?

A: Well, actually I had worked with Amy before on “Difficult People” and then I performed at a live podcast thing. And she says – she might be lying; she’s a huge liar – that her and Paul (Dinello, a series writer and executive producer) wrote the part with me in mind because they’d watched one of my videos that I made, this orange juice commercial. So they sort of wrote it with me in mind and then Amy was like, “We have this part that we think you’d be great. I hope you can do it.” And then that’s how it came to be.

Q: So how did you get inside this troubled character’s head?

A: They sort of created it based on this video that I had done. It’s sort of a fake orange juice commercial where I play a suburban mom talking about what happens when you give your kids the wrong orange juice and then she goes off on this sort of maniacal, dark tangent. So I always like to go dark. I love going really dark so I just let myself go there for Chassie.

Q: How much improv do you get to do?

A: All the dialog is scripted and it’s so funny. Paul Dinello writes just like the funniest things to say. Because it’s a sort of craft and homemaking show, there’s a lot of physical stuff so we get to improvise a lot with that. And I love props comedy and Chassie has this purse that she never takes off her arm and so it’s fun to try and butter philo dough with a purse dangling into the dough and butter and things like that.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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