Erin Cahill looks into ‘Random Acts of Christmas’

Lifetime tale is the latest of actress’ many holiday movies

Erin Cahill of ‘Random Acts of Christmas’ Sunday on Lifetime

Q: In playing a reporter seeking the anonymous do-gooder who stages “Random Acts of Christmas,” you’re continuing the streak of holiday tales you’ve made for cable in recent years, also including “Sleigh Bells Ring” and “Last Vermont Christmas.” What keeps you coming back to the genre?

A: With all of my projects, but especially with holiday movies, I just look for authenticity … how the person reacts and grows. I love telling stories that are lovely and sweet and fun, and that touch people. With this one, it’s a heightened reality and aspirational, but we did try to make it as grounded as possible.

Q: How did the production of “Random Acts of Christmas” go for you?

A: It’s always so lovely filming in Canada. Even when it’s summer, it sometimes can feel chilly, and that’s what happened with this. On some days, it was so hot – but on others, it was like, “Bring us more clothes!” I would say 2/3 of the holiday movies I’ve made were done in Canada, and it does feel like a second home to me, Vancouver in particular. I love it there.

Q: With Jaclyn Smith and Patrick Duffy also in the new film, you had a couple of true acting veterans by your side. How did you find working with them?

A: Oh, my gosh. I cannot say enough what a joy and a gift and an honor it was to work with both of those people. They are magnificent actors and magnificent humans.

Patrick and I have become total, legitimate buddies. My husband and I have been to dinner with him multiple times, and he has become like family to us. And getting to play Jaclyn Smith’s daughter? I mean, come on! If you had told me that would happen years ago, I would have been like, “Nooo!” Funnily enough, I did an indie film earlier this year (“Loren and Rose”) and played Jacqueline Bisset’s daughter … so I’m like, “What is going on?”

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