Eric Stonestreet builds something new with ‘Domino Masters’

'Modern Family' alum is hosting Fox contest

Eric Stonestreet of ‘Domino Masters’ Wednesday on Fox

Q: What do you think the appeal of “Domino Masters” is?

A: The epic-ness of the potential scale. That’s what I think people will be on the edge of their seats for. There are failures and mistakes and things that change the outcomes of episodes. I guess it’s “LEGO Masters” with more action, that’s what I would say.

Q: You’ve said that you watched people skilled with dominoes on such shows as “That’s Incredible!” when you were growing up. Do you consider that to have been prep for “Domino Masters” now?

A: I knew what I’d be getting into. These are meticulous artists and engineers who are doing this to scratch an itch that they have, so I guess I knew what some of the personalities would be like.

Q: Do you still stay in touch with your former castmates from “Modern Family”?

A: Everybody’s doing their own thing, but working with those guys for 11 years and getting as close as we are, we’re always just a text or a phone call away. When my dad passed away, I heard from each and every one of them immediately. I think we’ve always been there for each other through the ups and downs of whatever is going on in our personal lives.

Q: Why do you think “Modern Family” resonated so much with viewers?

A: It came along at a really interesting time in the landscape of comedy. It wasn’t a show that was afraid to be sappy and pull on your heartstrings, but by the same token, our edge in humor was just as sharp as anyone else’s … but in a different way.

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