Emily VanCamp is happy to be operating in ‘The Resident’

Emily VanCamp of 'The Resident' Monday on Fox
Emily VanCamp of “The Resident” Monday on Fox

Q: Your role in “The Resident” involves a complicated relationship with Matt Czuchry’s fellow-medic character. What would you say about your teamwork?

A: I think that from day one, it was just sort of there with Matt. I just have a huge amount of respect for him as an actor. He has an incredible work ethic, and we both take the work very seriously. Our processes are very similar in terms of how we prepare and how we like to rehearse.

From the beginning, the chemistry between (the characters) Conrad and Nic was one of those happy moments. We did our first few scenes, and we sort of realized, “Oh, this is great!” It’s all there, so now, we just have to build on it and enjoy creating this interesting thing between these two people. It’s just been huge fun.

Q: How does this compare to your preceding series experience on “Revenge”?

A: On the pilot of “Revenge,” we all sort of connected and it just sort of worked. There was that really wonderful feeling of, “Oh, wow. If we get to do this (series) together, this is going to be amazing.”

That was definitely the feeling I had shooting the pilot of “The Resident.” You never know what’s going to happen over the course of a series, but the one thing I did know was that if I got to work with this group of people for an extended period of time, I’d be really lucky.

Q: You’re also known to Marvel fans as Sharon Carter in the “Captain America” movies. Do you think we’ll see her again?

A: I can’t answer that. I really have no idea what they have in store. They’re definitely beefing up their “Universe,” but who knows? Sharon played a big part specifically in the “Captain America” of it all, but it sort of depends on where she would fit in with what they’re doing with future films. We’ll see.

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