Elizabeth Tulloch is Superman’s latest Lois Lane

CW series depicts couple's married life back in Smallville

Elizabeth Tulloch of ‘Superman & Lois’ Tuesday on The CW

Q: In making ”Superman & Lois,” how have you liked becoming the latest screen incarnation of Lois Lane?

A: It’s been very humbling, honestly, to be playing a strong female character as iconic as Lois Lane. She was first introduced in 1938, along with Superman, and she has really represented someone who’s incredibly dogged and determined and uncompromising. And I think at a time when the profession of journalism has been under siege, as we have seen for the last few years, it’s especially important and timely. And I take it very seriously.

Q: How do you feel the series depicts Lois as a professional?

A: A lot of what she is writing about is what capitalism is doing to these small towns all over the United States, and Smallville in particular. And definitely, the journalism is an important part of her story. Superman’s doing his stuff with his superpowers, and she’s fighting against these injustices with words.

Q: Were you aware from the start of the approach the series would take to the Superman saga? 

A: Tyler (Hoechlin, who plays Clark Kent/Superman) and I were really sold when Todd (Helbing) was talking about “Friday Night Lights.” That was a really important show; the way it was shot at the time was really novel. The actors had a lot more freedom, iit wasn’t like they always had to hit their marks and everything. But more than that, it was really grounded and real.

Part of what I’m hoping audiences respond to in our show is that this couple — even though she’s this dynamic journalist, and even though he’s Superman — is incredibly relatable, and they’re dealing with a lot of the same issues that normal people deal with, whether it is lost jobs or having teenagers who are pushing back against them at every turn. It should feel, and I think it does, like Superman and Lois Lane could be your next-door neighbors.

Jay Bobbin

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