Elizabeth Banks likes upping the winnings on ‘Press Your Luck’

Actress-producer is in Season 2 of hosting ABC game show

Elizabeth Banks of ‘Press Your Luck’ Sunday on ABC

Q: Did you anticipate that the reboot of “Press Your Luck,” which you both host and produce, would get a Season 2?

A: I will say that when we got the news, we were all very excited, because we love making the show. And I do believe that we have improved the game play in the second season. We just wanted to tweak it a little; there’s nothing major that I think the audience really notices.

We wanted people to win more money, and there’s always a car on the (prize) board now; that wasn’t always the case in the first season. We’ve made the first half, when all three contestants are in the game, a way-more-exciting round now. And lots more money goes out the door, which is my favorite part of hosting.

Q: With your very active movie career, were you surprised that some people were surprised that you elected to become a game-show host?

A: Well, look … once Alec Baldwin started hosting a game show (“Match Game”), it was like anybody who wanted to host a game show could. You know, Jamie Foxx also is hosting one (“Beat Shazam”), so I’m not the only one to look around and think that you can really do it all.

I’m not an ingenue anymore, to be honest, so there’s that factor, too. It’s like, “What is there for me to do? And that also would be fun for me to do?”

Q: You’ve done everything from big-budget studio films to independent movies, and theatrical features to television series. Is it safe to assume that you’re satisfied with the career you’ve had?

A: One must never be satisfied! There is no complacency here. No, sir.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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