Dyllon Burnside – ‘Pose’ character will always be with him

Actor goes on the journey

Dyllon Burnside

Dyllon Burnside left the FX drama “Pose” behind when the series wrapped production in late March. But he believes his character of homeless teen-turned-dancer Ricky Wintour will never be completely done with him.

“While I am saying goodbye to playing Ricky for the here and now,” the 32-year-old Miami native says, “I’m not actually saying goodbye to him. I think that’s one of the beautiful things about the work that I get to do, is the characters. They stay with you in some ways and the lessons that you learn from their life and their experiences stay with you. And particularly with television, which is different from theater, it’s recorded so I get to go back and relive it whenever I want.”

As the third and final season opens Sunday, May 2, it’s 1994 in the underground ballroom scene of New York City and AIDS has become the leading cause of death for Americans ages 25 to 44. For Ricky, the new season brings challenges as Pray Tell (Billy Porter), with whom he entered into a romantic relationship at the end of Season 2, contends with unexpected health burdens.

“He is exploring what it’s like to really find your person, your soulmate,” Burnside says, “and what it’s like to really, truly be in love in a mature, adult relationship. And in Season 3, we get to explore him in the context of that relationship even more. …”

“I definitely have been on the journey with Ricky,” he continues, “and in some ways our journeys have been parallel. As Ricky has learned more about himself, Dyllon has learned so much more about himself. And so much of his evolution and my evolution as a human being and as an actor have been connected.”

Dyllon Burnside

Dyllon Burnside

Full name: Dyllon Burnside

Birth date: Jan. 27, 1989

Birthplace: Miami

Family ties: Grew up in a farming family in Pensacola, Fla.

Education: Attended the Collaborative Arts Project 21 and The New School, both in New York City

Other TV credits: “High Maintenance,” “Peter Pan Live!”

Movie credits: “Central Park” (2017), “Yinz” (2018), “Prideland” (2020 documentary)

Stage credits: “Holler If Ya Hear Me,” “Born for This”

Musical talents: As a teen, was lead singer for the hip-hop/R&B boy band 3D

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