Dylan Dreyer makes book on her newest career

NBC 'Today' meteorologist preps for publication of her first children’s story

Dylan Dreyer, of NBC’s “Today” weekdays and Saturdays, is about to publish her first children’s book.

Dylan Dreyer has done many things in her career, particularly since joining NBC News and “Today,” but she’s adding a new occupation to her resume: author.

As she and her husband Brian await the November arrival of their third child, the morning-program meteorologist is launching a children’s-book series. Due Sept. 28, “Misty the Cloud: A Very Stormy Day” — which she wrote in collaboration with Alan Katz, with illustrations by Rosie Butcher — uses weather elements to explain emotions via the tale of a cloud whose bad mood causes a thunderstorm, though others assure her she’ll feel better and the skies will clear.

The cheerful Dreyer explains the seed for “Misty the Cloud” was planted 10 years ago, before she became a mom. “My husband and I were going on vacation,” she recalls, “and we had carry-on luggage, and his was sitting there and mine had a little orange bow tied around it. We imagined them being a couple and thought of a story about them traveling the world together, but we didn’t know how much we ultimately could do with that.

“Then, Brian said, ‘Well, you know so much about weather. Isn’t it cool how much the weather correlates with our feelings? A sunny day makes you feel happy, and a stormy day makes you feel kind of angry.’ A couple of bottles of wine later, we started coming up with what we thought were all these genius ideas, and it just kind of snowballed from there … no pun intended!”

Dreyer notes that once she and her spouse started getting serious about writing, “We realized that we didn’t know how to write for kids. Then, once we had kids, we noticed more how those books are written. I knew the ones I liked and the ones I didn’t like so much, and I knew I wanted to invest some humor and make it something that parents would enjoy reading out loud. My co-author Alan has written numerous children’s books, and he brought it to life. I think it was just a perfect collaboration.”

Though couched inside a children’s story, weather remains expectedly important to Dreyer (who also hosts NBC’s Saturday-morning program “Earth Odyssey With Dylan Dreyer”) as the saga of Misty unfolds.

“When I was in local news, in Boston and Providence and even Erie, when I would go to talk to schools — especially kindergarten through second grade — it was hard to keep the kids’ attention. I always wished I had a book about weather to read to them first, then go into the weather discussion, but that didn’t really exist. That’s why I wanted this to be something that parents and teachers can use.”

Jay Bobbin

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