Dylan Dreyer helps to keep ‘Today’ sunny

Meteorologist is a regular presence on NBC morning program

Dylan Dreyer of ‘Today’ weekdays and Saturday and ‘Earth Odyssey With Dylan Dreyer’ Saturday on NBC

Q: You seem to have such an ease with your co-hosts on the third hour of “Today” each weekday, has that always come naturally?

A: I think it helps that Craig (Melvin) and Al (Roker) and I are truly friends and we really enjoy each other. When you’re with people that you’re friends with, your natural personality tends to come out … but sometimes, we can get a little carried away with the teasing. Sometimes, viewers are like, “Stop picking on each other!” That’s kind of what we do, though. You should see us off-camera; we pick on each other even more.

Q: As you and your husband await the arrival of your third child in November, what are your thoughts about becoming a new parent again?

A: Everybody says that everything goes out the window with Baby No. 3. You’re not going to do any of the things you’ve been doing. I’m so hands-on, though, I feel like I want to do everything. I don’t want (the new child) to miss out on all the stuff I gave (sons) Calvin and Oliver, so I think I’ll push myself and try, but I’ve also learned to let things go a little bit and be more patient. And I couldn’t do it without (husband) Brian.

Q: For quite some time during your latest pregnancy, you’ve been able to keep up your golf game. Are you satisfied with how that’s gone?

A: I don’t air much during (television coverage of) tournaments because I’m not good enough, but on my 18th hole (at the recent American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament), I hit something like a 20-foot birdie. And I was so happy that it was a “TV hole”! It was my best shot of the whole tournament, but they caught it on TV.

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