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STARTING THIS WEEK (New releases):

"Logan Lucky"
Channing Tatum and Adam Driver in “Logan Lucky”

“LOGAN LUCKY”: Director Steven Soderbergh puts something of a spin on his “Ocean’s” crime-comedy capers with this fun heist tale about brothers (played by Channing Tatum and Adam Driver) who plan to rob North Carolina’s Charlotte Motor Speedway. To pull off the plan, they have to break an ebullient convict – a very non-Bond-ish Daniel Craig, in the picture’s most entertaining performance – out of prison and then put him back in. Humor is the keynote here rather than suspense, and in that “Ocean’s” way of detailing how the crime is devised and executed, the result is both interesting and enjoyable. Riley Keough (“The Girlfriend Experience”), Katie Holmes, Hilary Swank, Seth MacFarlane and Katherine Waterston (“Alien: Covenant”) add to the picture’s very diverse cast of characters. *** (PG-13: AS, P) (Also in Blu-ray and In Demand)

“GILMORE GIRLS: A YEAR IN THE LIFE”: Fans of the original series were more than ready for this reunion of the major players in this Netflix collection of four movies – each keyed to a different season, and developed by creator and original executive producer Amy Sherman-Palladino – that advances the stories of the beloved residents of Stars Hollow. Lorelai and Luke (Lauren Graham, Scott Patterson) are still together and still not married, and when Rory (Alexis Bledel) returns home with an idea to write a book about herself and Lorelai, problems develop. While the saga substantially notes the absence of late co-star Edward Herrmann, other returnees include Kelly Bishop, Matt Czuchry, Milo Ventimiglia (“This Is Us”), Liza Weil (“How to Get Away With Murder”), Keiko Agena, David Sutcliffe and (briefly) Melissa McCarthy. *** (Not rated: AS, P)

“THE DEFIANT ONES”: Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre came from different disciplines – the former from co-founding a label (Interscope Records) and producing, and the latter from becoming one of the icons of rap and hip-hop – but the musical work they ultimately did together was enough of a milestone to inspire this HBO documentary miniseries. Directed by Allen Hughes (“Menace II Society”), the project traces the separate paths and eventual collaboration of Iovine and Dre … largely in their own words through interviews done over the course of three years, but also with contributions from such other major music-industry figures as Bruce Springsteen, Bono, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Gwen Stefani, Ice Cube, Stevie Nicks, Diddy, will.i.am, Trent Reznor, Nas, David Geffen and the late Tom Petty. Rare footage showing several of the artists writing and recording is included. *** (Not rated: AS, P) (Also on Blu-ray)

“WOODSHOCK”: Frequently moving away from such straightforward fare as “Spider-Man” as her career progresses, Kirsten Dunst has taken such creative gambles as “Marie Antoinette” and television’s “Fargo,” and she rolls the dice on yet another one with this melodrama – on which she’s the executive producer as well as the star. She plays a woman who seeks refuge from a personal loss by subjecting herself to an experimental drug, and the effects do a major number on her perception of reality. The visually striking film was written and directed by fashion-design duo Kate and Laura Mulleavy. DVD extra: “making-of” documentary. *** (R: AS, P, V) (Also o Blu-ray and On Demand)

“TROLLS HOLIDAY”: Following its debut as a half-hour NBC telecast, this animated tale continues the story of the characters introduced in the feature film “Trolls,” with principal members of the voice cast – Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake and Zooey Deschanel, James Corden, Kunal Nayyar (“The Big Bang Theory”) and Christopher Mintz-Plasse – returning. Poppy (voiced by Kendrick) becomes determined to restore holidays to her world, and specifically to the Bergens, who don’t have them. A number of the other creative talents who worked on the movie also are back for this effort. *** (Not rated)

“I DO … UNTIL I DON’T”: The amusingly offbeat Lake Bell (“It’s Complicated”) is a triple threat in this comedy, as writer, director, producer and a star. She plays half of one of the three couples observed by a documentary maker (Dolly Wells) for a piece on modern relationships and how they withstand – or not – the pressures of contemporary life. Ed Helms (“The Hangover”) plays Bell’s partner, Mary Steenburgen and Paul Reiser portray another of the couples, and Amber Heard and Wyatt Cenac appear as the third. Chace Crawford (“Gossip Girl”) also is featured. *** (R: AS, P) (Also on Blu-ray and On Demand)

COMING SOON (Upcoming releases):

"Despicable Me 3"
Steve Carell (Gru) in “Despicable Me 3”

“DESPICABLE ME 3” (Dec. 5): A gone-soft Gru (voice of Steve Carell) gets his “despicable” mojo back, thanks to the twin he didn’t know he had. (PG: AS)

“AMERICAN ASSASSIN” (Dec. 5): A CIA agent (Dylan O’Brien) works with a Cold War veteran (Michael Keaton) to stop attacks on soldiers and civilians. (R: AS, N, P, V)

“TWIN PEAKS: THE THIRD SEASON” (Dec. 5): Many of the original cast members return in David Lynch’s recent Showtime continuation of the unique drama. (Not rated: AS, P, V)

“DETROIT” (Dec. 12): Director Kathryn Bigelow’s drama follows a security guard’s (John Boyega) experiences in the violent wake of a police raid. (R: AS, P, V)

“HOME AGAIN” (Dec. 12): A woman’s (Reese Witherspoon) surprising new romance is threatened by the return of her estranged husband (Michael Sheen). (PG-13: AS, P)​

“DUNKIRK” (Dec. 19): The Christopher Nolan-directed view of the World War II military operation features Harry Styles and KennethBranagh. (PG-13: AS, P, V)

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