Dr. Vernard Hodges of ‘Critter Fixers’ tries to figure it out

No animal too exotic for ‘Critter Fixers’

Dr. Vernard Hodges of ‘Critter Fixers: Country Vets’ Saturday on Nat Geo Wild

Q: How did two lifelong friends both end up in the same career? Did you guys know each other as kids and both decided to be vets?

A: Well, we met in college. And Terrence (Ferguson, his veterinary partner and co-star) was really smart … so I had to piggyback off him. So, I was like, “Hey I’m gonna hang out with a smart guy.” We end up going to veterinary school and you know, we opened Critter Fixer 1 and then we opened Critter Fixer 2 and we’ve been together for 30 years. So it’s nothing like going to work with your best friend.

Q: You treat some unusual creatures on the show: the camel, the enormous snake and the llamas. How do those odd creatures end up in a Southern country place like that?

A: Well, in Georgia now, the big thing is … they’re doing a lot of movies. So that particular camel, he was a little frisky. So what happened is he goes to nativity scenes and he was kind of really going away in the manger, so we had to make sure that we took away the testosterone. So, my partner in crime, we drove up to Covington, Ga., (and took away his testosterone).

Q: Speaking of exotic animals, have you ever had to do a house call for eccentric owners?

A: I don’t know if it was eccentric, but I went to somebody’s house and they said they had a small potbelly pig, and this thing was 150 pounds, so we was wrestling WWE. I mean, as a veterinarian, you just take whatever comes. Every animal. I mean if it’s an animal, we try to figure it out, especially down there. We don’t have access to a specialist.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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