‘Doom Patrol’ star Bowlby channels film legends

April Bowlby went old school for ‘Doom Patrol’

April Bowlby

To prepare for her role as a ’50s movie star, April Bowlby turned to the greats.

Indeed, to get down the proper diction of Rita Farr, the starlet who under duress morphs into the uber-stretchy Elasti-Woman in the currently streaming DC Universe superhero saga “Doom Patrol,” the actress perhaps best known as Kandi – Alan Harper’s ditzy girlfriend in “Two and a Half Men” – had to digest a lot of old movies, taking note of how film legends such as Bette Davis, Gloria Swanson, Katharine Hepburn and Vivien Leigh, among others, delivered their lines.

Which, the 38-year-old Northern Californian says, wasn’t exactly a difficult gig.

“Those are the moments when you’re an actor that you kind of live for, that you actually get to have time to do research and ‘What are you doing today?’ ‘Oh, I have to research,’ ”  Bowlby says with a laugh. “And basically you’re watching hundreds of old movies.”

But, she says, all that viewing gave her another arrow in her acting quiver.

“I’ve never gotten to play with a transatlantic accent before,” she notes, “so it’s really, really fun to throw that around. I like that and I also like how Rita is very narcissistic and shallow, especially in the beginning of the season. And she does it because she’s a broken, hurt, vulnerable human being that doesn’t want to share that with the world, so she comes off very terrible to people. And I think that’s a fun thing to play because the truth of it is that she’s just broken.”

Full name: April Michelle Bowlby

Birth date: July 30, 1980

Birthplace: Vallejo, Calif.

Education: Studied ballet, French and marine biology at Moorpark College

Marital status: single

TV credits include: “CSI: NY,” “Kath & Kim,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Psych,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Drop Dead Diva,” “Mom,” “Two and a Half Men,” “You’re the Worst,” “Loosely Exactly Nicole,” “The Big Bang Theory”

Movie credits include: “Sands of Oblivion” (TV, 2007), “All Roads Lead Home” (2008), “The Slammin’ Salmon” (2009), “From Prada to Nada” (2011), “The Engagement Clause” (TV, 2016), “Love’s Last Resort” (2017), “Dying for the Crown” (2018), “Unbroken: Path to Redemption” (2018)

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