Discovery’s ‘Dirty Jobs: Rowe’d Trip’ a walk down memory lane

‘Dirty Jobs: Rowe’d Trip’ – Mike Rowe is at it again

Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe has fronted a wide range of programming over the past 20 years but he’s back on familiar ground in a recently premiered series on Discovery Channel.

In “Dirty Jobs: Rowe’d Trip,” airing Tuesdays, the host and his original crew from the 2005-12 unscripted series reunite and go on the road in an RV to visit the sites of past jobs, look back on what made them noteworthy and catch up with the folks they helped. Along the way, they’ll share new stories and update viewers on what they’ve been doing since the series ended.

For Rowe, that’s been a lot. The likable former opera singer and son of Baltimore educators has been in demand as a host, narrator and pitchman. The following are a few of his more recent projects.

“Returning the Favor” (2017-present, Facebook Watch): Rowe is creator, producer and host of this series that follows him as he travels across the U.S. in search of folks who are giving back to their communities. At the end of each episode, the individual profiled is given a surprise that enables them to do more of that good work.

“Somebody’s Gotta Do It” (2014-18, CNN, TBN): Here, Rowe visited individuals who march to their own drummer and joined them in their respective pursuits, be they innovators, do-gooders, entrepreneurs, collectors, fanatics and those who simply have to do it – whatever “it” is.

“Bering Sea Gold” (2013-present, Discovery): Rowe served as narrator for Seasons 3-11 of this series that follows the hardy folks who dredge for gold under the water and ice of Norton Sound near Nome, Alaska.

“How the Universe Works” (2010-present, Discovery, Science Channel): Rowe was narrator for Seasons 1 and 4-8 of this documentary science series that attempts to explain everything from black holes, planets and our solar system to comets, volcanoes and other forces of nature.

“Airplane Repo” (2010-15, Discovery): As the title suggests, this unscripted series followed repossession agents as they attempt to recover aircraft and other high-value assets from those who have fallen behind on their payments, with Rowe serving as narrator.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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