‘Defending Jacob’ – Michelle Dockery on her ‘brilliant’ co-star

How Michelle Dockery goes in and out of accents

Michelle Dockery of ‘Defending Jacob’ on Apple TV+

Q: Were you shocked when “Downton Abbey” became a movie?

A: We were thrilled. And like with anything, any show that you’re part of, you just never know what the appetite will be out there. Of course, people were really wanting it to happen and wanting it to happen, and so we did it. But you never know. And it exceeded our expectations, certainly, and it was thrilling.

Q: What’s fun in getting to know Chris Evans as the man and the actor in “Defending Jacob”?

A: I think he’s a brilliant person, Chris, and he’s an incredible actor and I think his performance in this is exceptional. And (he’s) gifted with something that I’ve seen in the Marvel movies, and he’s exceptional in those. It was really such a wonderful opportunity to work with Chris and Jaeden (Martell). They are exceptional actors.

Q: Did you stay in the American accent when you wrapped filming for the day?

A: I don’t. I can switch off. The great thing about doing a show when you’re doing an accent and everybody else has the same accent, it’s easy to stay in it. If I was doing an American accent surrounded by Brits, it would be easy to slip back into it. But yeah, (it’s) something I’ve gotten used to. I’ve played a few Americans now, so it’s mainly prep that I do beforehand to get me into that. I’ve found a way of switching on and off now.

George Dickie

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