‘Dead Pixels’ – Alexa Davies on playing an ‘extroverted introvert’

Davies on acting to a blank screen on ‘Dead Pixels’

Alexa Davies of ‘Dead Pixels’ Tuesday on The CW

Q: How would you describe your gamer character Meg in “Dead Pixels”?

A: I would say Meg is an extroverted introvert, so I think she really kind of struggles in day-to-day life to converse normally with people or at least how people expect other people to be. Because she actually has quite a high level of confidence that you see throughout the series and it’s sometimes misplaced (laughs).

But yeah, the game I think is really important there because it really kind of perfectly fits that extroverted introvert world in that she can go into just her own private space and be completely herself while at the same time maybe being somebody else, to being somebody larger than her, somebody bigger and more impressive and louder. And I think she finds real comfort in that.

Q: What are challenges of playing a character who is playing another character in a video game?

A: That’s a real punch for Homelander. I think irrespective of her gender, it would have been pretty much a huge problem for him no matter what, but there’s definitely that old-fashioned attitude of not wanting to be told what to do by a woman.

However, I lean more into it and more into the angle that Homelander is an extremely weak figure emotionally, He just can’t handle the fact that there’s this new (person) coming in with reckless abandon and doesn’t respect him and doesn’t fear him, and presents him with a whole new set of challenges that he doesn’t really know how to cope with. She’s actually the instigator of tremendous evolution.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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