David Mazouz will miss Bruce Wayne

Saying goodbye to an iconic character

David Mazouz

The question kept coming up for David Mazouz throughout the run of “Gotham”: When will Bruce Wayne finally transform into Batman?

And while we know the answer will be “soon” now that the hourlong drama is in the midst of its fifth and final season Thursdays on Fox, the 17-year-old actor reasons that has always been the case from the premiere episode in 2014. But until this season, he had been as in-the-dark as the show’s fans.

“You always have to tease it a little bit,” he explains, “so I usually would be like, ‘Well you know, you’re going to see Bruce transform into Batman this season.’ Which is always true. Every episode, he does get closer to Batman. But Batman himself, I didn’t know. But now going into Season 5, I don’t know how much I’m allowed to say but I’m going to leave it there. … I know something now.”

As he looks back on five seasons as Wayne, Mazouz is sad to leave what he considers to be a rich character behind, no matter how painful playing him could be. For the young actor, this has been a learning experience like no other.

“On this show even, there’s been so much that Bruce has gone through,” Mazouz says, ” … and he’s always surprising us with either his strength or his pain or the strength that comes out of his pain. He’s had so many arcs where they’ve been really fun to do, but they’ve been really hard to do because they’re really unique.”

Full name: David (pronounced ‘Dah-veed’) Albert Mazouz

Birth date: Feb. 19, 2001

Birthplace: Los Angeles

Family ties: Is the son of a physician, Michel, and a psychotherapist, Rachel; one older sister, Rebecca

TV credits: “Mike & Molly,” “Private Practice,” “The Office,” “Criminal Minds,” “Touch,” “Major Crimes,” “Drop Dead Diva,” “Family Guy” (voice), “Gotham”

Movie credits: “Amish Grace” (TV, 2010), “Coming & Going” (2011), “Dear Dumb Diary” (TV, 2013), “Sanitarium” (2013), “The Games Maker” (2014), “The Darkness” (2016), “Incarnate” (2016)

Did you know: Plays guitar; received a guitar from “Touch” co-star Kiefer Sutherland for his 11th birthday

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