Dave Burd, alias Lil Dicky, keeps on rapping in ‘Dave’

Musician-comedian stars in new FXX series

Dave Burd of ‘Dave’ Wednesday on FXX

Q: Though you’ve had success as rapper Lil Dicky, the version of yourself that you play in “Dave” is struggling to establish his music career. How do you reconcile those aspects for yourself?

A: I certainly try to base the character in the show a lot on what I’m like as a real human being. That being said, there’s oftentimes moments where you want to hyperbolize something for the sake of comedy just to maybe get a laugh in a situation. But I certainly try to, at all times throughout the show, convey my personality.

I graduated college and I started rapping, with the intention of being noticed for being funny and creating a TV show one day. And what happened was … it really works like a sport. The more I rapped, the better and better I got at rapping, to the point where I became an actual rapper and I toured the world and made hits. It’s really funny, and it’s awesome.

Q: Since you’re known mainly as Dave Burd in the show, do you have a different feeling about being referred to as “Lil Dicky” now? 

A: I love rapping, and I think I’m going to keep rapping as long as I can. It’s obviously a young man’s game — but Lil Dicky, to me, is one thing that I do. And it’s probably the most important thing I’ve ever done in my life to date.

But when I’m at home grilling chicken, it’s not Lil Dicky. I’m not rapping as I grill the chicken; I’m just a normal guy, so I just kind of wanted people to see the guy behind the guy that they see. It’s not that I hate Lil Dicky or that I don’t like rapping. It’s just that I think there’s more to me than what you see in a music video. And I hope that people enjoy that person.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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