Curt Menefee – Ask ‘America’s Top Dog’ host about his rescues

Commentator a dog lover at heart

Curt Menefee

When it comes to animals, Curt Menefee certainly walks the walk.

Not only is he host of two-animal centric shows, “America’s Top Dog” and “An Animal Saved My Life,” both airing Tuesdays on A&E Network, he’s a lifelong dog owner. Currently, he and his wife Viollette have two rescues – a 10-year-old Labrador retriever/German shepherd mix named Abby and a six-year-old French bulldog/Corgi mix named Toby.

“We love it,” Menefee, also a commentator for Fox Sports, says, “and that’s all I’ve ever done and all I will ever do.”

And as any dog owner knows, dogs don’t exactly do what their owners or trainers want them to do. Be it not performing a trick before party guests after doing it hundreds of times in private or just not coming when called, the canine memory can be unpredictable.

Menefee has seen it in a few times on “America’s Top Dog,” especially on the obstacle course. Dogs will run it perfectly on the practice run but when the cameras are on and the clock is running, not so much.

“You get to that one moment,” Menefee explains, “and all of a sudden for whatever reason, the dog decides, ‘Eh, I’m not doing this tonight’ or ‘I don’t want to do it’ or ‘You’ve really got to coax me.’ … And I think sometimes we take it for granted with our own dogs … (when) we say, ‘Hey, sit.’ Really, we’re speaking two different languages. And there’s a non-verbal communication that goes on (between the dog and their human handler) that you really see on display when they’re running a course and a clock is going and there’s time and there’s pressure.”

Curt Menefee

Curt Menefee

Name: Curt Menefee

Birth date: July 22, 1965

Birthplace: Atlanta

Family ties: He and wife Viollette reside in Los Angeles

Education: Has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Coe College in Iowa; currently pursuing a master’s in public policy and administration at Northwestern University in Chicago

TV credits include: “NFL on Fox,” “Fox NFL Sunday,” “UFC on Fox,” “Hello Goodbye”

Author credit: “Losing Isn’t Everything: The Untold Stories and Hidden Lessons Behind the Toughest Losses in Sports History,” published in 2016

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