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Spy in the Wild
“Spy in the Wild”

At a time when science’s usefulness is being questioned in many corners, a streaming service like CuriosityStream seems particularly relevant.

Founded in 2015 by former Discovery Inc. chairman John Hendricks, the Silver Spring, Md.-based service offers its users more than 3,000 original and licensed documentaries and series on topics ranging from science, technology and nature to history, society and lifestyle. And its programming roster keeps expanding.

Among the more noteworthy entries is “Spy in the Wild,” a series of five hourlong documentaries from the BBC and narrated by actor David Tennant that uses hidden cameras to capture previously unseen animal behaviors, ranging from dancing birds of paradise to flirting polar bears.

“Fixing a Broken Heart,” a 40-episode series of 10-minute shorts, takes a more clinical approach to matters of the heart – or in this case, heart disease, as it follows the efforts of researchers trying to prevent the world’s No. 1 cause of death and explores the future of cardiac health.

Those interested in other worlds will want to check out “Secrets of the Solar System,” an eight-part documentary series that takes viewers on a journey through the solar system, featuring access to the world’s space agencies and interviews with people involved in space exploration.

If the undersea world is your area of interest, “Ancient Oceans” is a two-part prequel to “Ancient Earth” that looks at the many incredible creatures and monstrous predators that roamed the planet’s ancient oceans during the four-billion years when there was no life on land.

As for land predators, the self-explanatory “The Secret Lives of Big Cats” gives viewers a look at how felines such as cheetahs, tigers, jaguars and snow leopards live in its seven half-hour episodes.

“Paradise Preserved,” a five-part, five-hour series, explores the positive impact being made to protect and sustain key landscapes around the world, from Ecuador and the Congo to Norway, Germany and Switzerland, and examines how they can serve as examples for other areas.

There will also be more programming on tap in the coming months, including “Pompeii: Disaster Street,” which re-creates the 79 AD eruption of Mount Vesuvius that wiped out the title Italian village; “Planet of Treasures,” a six-part documentary series that explores culturally significant locations in 4K; and the three-part “Our Livable Universe,” which looks at the latest findings that put humanity on the verge of discovering new planets where life can thrive.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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