Courteney Cox hopes ‘Shining Vale’ has a a ghost of a chance

'Friends' alum is back in Starz ghost story

Courteney Cox of ‘Shining Vale’ Sunday on Starz

Q: What appealed to you about “Shining Vale” to make you want to make it your next series?

A: I guess I just think this character is so real and grounded. “Cougar Town” was still a comedy, and it wasn’t taken as seriously. It was really broad, and then there was “Dirt,” and I think that was a little before its time. It could have been a really salacious, fun, exciting show, and I think it got a little too heady.

But this character, it just fits. It feels like something that’s just rich and deep, and I get to go into places that I have never been to before and be raw and vulnerable. I think I’ve worked harder on this than I have anything else, and I want to continue to, because I’m obsessed with it. I love the show. I love the cast. It’s really just unique in every way.

Q: Is it true that you’re making “Shining Vale” on the same Warner Bros. Studios sound stage where you filmed “Friends”?

A: We were on Stage 5. That’s where the attic is in the (new) show. And I remember that on that stage, the dressing rooms were really small. I don’t think we even spent time in there. There was one bathroom that we all had to share, I think, including the crew. So we didn’t stay on that stage very long (while making “Friends”).

Q: Has making “Shining Vale” reminded you of any ghost stories you have yourself?

A: I used to live in a house on top of Lookout Mountain in Laurel Canyon. It was a Tudor house … very, very old. Gypsy Rose Lee used to live in it. I wouldn’t know a ghost if literally one was sitting on my lap — I’m just not that kind of person — here I am with an acting teacher. She passed away, but she used to come out and she’d say, “It’s weird. I have a feeling in this house. I keep feeling drafts.” I’m like, “Oh, OK. I haven’t noticed anything.”

Then I had a friend, and they had a dream that they saw this woman in a white dress, and she came and sat down on the bed next to me. And I thought, “OK.” I didn’t still believe it, then one day I was at the door and the doorbell rang. It was a FedEx guy and he goes, “Are you aware that there is a spirit in this house?” And I go, “No, why are you saying that?” And he said, “Because they’re standing right behind you.” And then I moved.

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