‘Coroner’ – A learning experience for Serinda Swan

How Serinda Swan learned from a coroner for ‘Coroner’

Serinda Swan of ‘Coroner’ on The CW and CBC Gem

Q: In learning about depression and mental illness for “Coroner,” did you pick up any personal tools you didn’t have previously?

A: Absolutely. I think the more that I learn about her, the more I learn about myself. And I think that’s sort of the beauty of being an actor, is understanding that I’m never going to be her but I will be able to understand people in that situation better. I’m never going to fully understand everybody’s experiences but I like that it gives me the opportunity to be more connected and more understanding, more empathetic toward all these different experiences.

Q: What about learning about forensic medicine. Pick anything up there?

A: Oh yeah. I witnessed a real autopsy so I got right in there. I am a bit of an autodidact when it comes to studying for roles and things like that so there was only so much that I could read before I was like, “I actually need to be in the room because I need to understand the movement and the (way that) a pathologist moves and respects the body and all of that. And so I was lucky enough to work with an incredible pathologist named John Fernandez – who we actually lost last year to cancer – who was just the most incredible teacher, and walked me through the very surreal experience of being present for a full autopsy.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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