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Dr. Michael VanDerschelden

With a good many of us trying to eat healthy these days, we’d all like to know more about what goes into our foods – and hence our bodies.

So foods heavy on fats, sugars, carbs, sodium, corn syrup, gluten, partially hydrogenated oils and GMOs raise red flags for the label-reading set, and for good reason.

Food, to put it succinctly, is fuel and if we put garbage in, then what comes out won’t be great. And we’ll be overweight, sick and tired as a result, as the recent epidemic of obesity and diabetes proves.

But there are reliable sources for good food info out there, particularly on YouTube, which offers up a library’s worth of documentaries and programs to educate you on what you consume. Because life is too short to eat crap.

“Nutrition 101 With Dr. Mike”: In this 30-minute video, Dr. Michael VanDerschelden explains the basics of a proper diet, starting by debunking the myth of the “Food Guide Pyramid” introduced by the USDA in 1992 and replacing it with a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. Lots of good common-sense advice here.

“The Surprisingly Dramatic Role of Nutrition in Mental Health”: Yes, what you eat affects not only your body but your mind, and in this TED talk, clinical psychologist Dr. Julia Rucklidge goes through a range of scientific research, including her own, showing the critical role diet plays in mental health.

“Processed Food Documentary: Processed Food vs. Nutritional Needs”: Beware of processed foods, is the message of this half-hour film, in which Dr. Maya Adam outlines how our increased reliance on convenience foods combined with decreased physical activity has led to the rise in childhood obesity and obesity in general.

“Organic Food: Hope or Hype?”: From German broadcaster Deutsche Welle comes this 2018 documentary that questions organic foods, whether they really do carry health benefits, if there really are fewer pesticides in them and whether there is any way for consumers to determine if they are indeed organic.

“Food on the Brain”: It’s no secret that junk food is bad for our bodies but in this documentary from the BBC, host Stephen Nolan travels the U.S. to learn about the inner workings of our brains and how a junk food diet can affect it.

“Super Size Me”: Morgan Spurlock’s 2004 documentary, in which he lived on a McDonald’s-only diet for a month, still stands as a cautionary tale of the perils of fast food.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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